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When it comes to trophies, the choice is endless today. Whether it is the material of the trophy or the shape and design of trophies, the staggering choices will leave you completely overthrown. The choice is inevitably more difficult as the trophy is the biggest souvenir given to any individual to recognize his talent and superiority amongst all his contenders. Regardless of whether it is the sports niche or the business environment, the trophy serves as the tangible reminder and recognition of their achieving their goals.Trophies

Today, thanks to new technology, manufacturing techniques, and new materials, trophies can be produced at just about every budget range to suit varied occasions. Today, they can even be individually designed to serve the unique requirements as well as being excellent value for money. Let us understand some of the leading forms of trophies available today.

Add Value to Employees

Corporate acknowledgment grants are the ideal method to demonstrate your workers that you esteem their time and effort. Nikos wants to plan corporate awards for your employees as a method for saying thank you for exceptional service. The cost of employing and training new staff far exceeds the cost of recognizing the ones you as of now have. We need to enable you to maximize performance and accomplish more this year with quality corporate awards and trophies. We offers a large selection of corporate crystal, glass, and acrylic awards, as well as corporate rush awards when you’re in a time crunch. Let us help you and your company find the perfect recognition award for years of service, teamwork, individual accomplishments, and more.

Corporate Recognition Awards and Trophies

Nikos offers one of the largest selections of corporate awards and trophies online. The materials we work will continue to expand and currently includes crystal, glass, metal, marble and wood concepts. If you need awards in a hurry…no problem. Looking to options in a specific price range…that’s easy. Can’t find what you need anywhere, we will design it for you from scratch. From the industry’s top suppliers to unique one of kind pieces, Nikos is your one stop shop for all your corporate award needs.

Highly Trained Professionals at Nikos

It won't take long for you to acknowledge why Nikos is the business expert on "why you should recognize" and what the best ways are to do that within your means. From the correspondence you get instantly after placing your order to the questions we can answer if you are just researching ideas, we are your one stop shop. Our in house configuration team is anxious to start collaborating and sharing their knowledge and expertise with you. Keep in mind there are no hidden costs.

Custom Awards and Trophies

We specialize in custom awards ranging from cut crystal logos, custom acrylic awards, 3d laser trophies, to unique corporate recognition awards and deal toys. If your company has the time and flexibility, we encourage you to take your employee and company recognition program to the next level with our custom awards and trophies.

Customize Brand Awareness

You should not feel constrained by the award selection you find online. We need to help you truly customize your occasions, milestones, and achievements with custom award or trophies with your corporate identity. The way to making high apparent value is taking the time effort into building up a piece that recipients know is something extraordinary the moment you hand it to them. Nikos custom precious stone, acrylic, and 3D laser grants are designed to your exact specifications with free set-up, proofs, personalization, and logo engraving.