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We all know about the corporate world. Extended working hours, work completion pressure and stressed life are some common problems faced by employees serving the corporate world. Sometimes, these negative aspects demotivate employees and decrease their productivity. If you are an employer, it is your duty to organize some events to appreciate employees. It rejuvenates your professionals and makes them more motivated and dynamic. However, an appreciating event can never be completed without offering some gift items such as printed mugs, trophy, clothing, corporate bags and other gift hampers.


Among all, corporate gift bags are getting more and more popular for office functions and corporate events. Unlike other gift items, gift bags are more practical and usable item for everyone. It appreciates your employee as well as helps you promote your brand. When someone carries these corporate gift bags while traveling, shopping and public places, it gives a visible promotion to the corporate brand. Simultaneously, it creates a positive attitude about your company when you appreciate your employee with gifts. These bags are available for men and women both. Therefore, you can easily distribute them among your male and female working staff.

Benefits of using Promotional Bags -

  • High use, practical items – hardly anyone leaves the house without a bag
  • Fashionable
  • Large demographic, you’ll appeal to all audiences
  • Customisable – can be personalised by having your corporate design printed


Types of Bags

Backpacks: The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about backpacks and their uses is the original school bag. From age 5 to age 25 backpacks are the essential everyday necessity for the student. Providing the right type of promotional backpack to the right target market will ensure an increase in your brand awareness. Add your company logo to your backpack and make them an even bigger identity statement. Or, make them a cool company swag gift. The choice is yours.

Briefcase: A briefcase is the most popular of all work bags, and for a good reason, too. Its classic shape, sturdy build, and polished appearance are a sure-fire way to look the part.

Messenger Bag: The messenger bag is the briefcase's younger, cooler brother. It will hold just as many documents (and a laptop, too), but with a shoulder strap and some pretty stylish design options out there, it's the go-to for today's trendy work force.

Tote Bag: Canvas tote bags are the most popular types of totes, presently. They are especially recognized for gift articles. They are often presented in fairs, expositions and some other corporate occasions. But the most famous types of corporate gift bags are customized canvas tote bags.

Laptop Bag: A laptop bag is an accessory that provides protection to the laptop and helps to manage its components. There are many types of laptop bags available in the market and everyone chooses according to the size of their laptops.

Nikos is supplier of corporate bags in India. We specialize in custom bags with logo printing that are usually purchased by commercial companies. In our online shop you can find great range of different bags on offer. We stock bags produced using cotton, bamboo, jute and significantly more. Regardless of what your campaign, there will be a style to suit it. All of the styles are accessible in various colours, and can be imprinted on the two sides with your advertising message and your logo. Peruse online and easily order your customised bags today. On the off chance that you are uncertain of where to start or need any assistance with the process, our accomplished graphic designers are close by to answer any questions you may have.